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Act 4, Scene 15 is the ninth episode of season one and the eleventh episode overall.


Wanting an excuse to spend time with the girl of his dreams, Jake auditions for the role of Anthony to act opposite Rose's Cleopatra in the school play. Meanwhile, he must also protect a mystical Egyptian scarab from falling in the hands of the Huntsclan.


The Huntsman, Huntsgirl, Jake, and Grandpa are fighting on deck of an Egyptian cargo freighter for the magical scarab beetle. Jake knocks the Huntsman and Huntsgirl overboard into the water before crashing into a wall. Fu Dog catches the beetle in a jar and they begin to leave. As they leave, the grass in the planter that the beetle landed on magically begins to bloom flowers into life.

In school, Jake tells his friends about the beetle's ability to bring dead things back to life. He immediately tries to converse with Rose but fails in being casual. When he discovers that Rose is acting as Cleopatra for the Drama's Club "Antony and Cleopatra" play and they still need an Antony, Jake decides to join the play knowing that there would be a kiss scene between Antony and Cleopatra.

Grandpa entrusts Jake to protect the beetle until they manage to find a way to bring it back to Egypt. Back in the penthouse where the Huntsman and Huntsgirl reside, the Huntsman shows Huntsgirl to an underground tomb where deceased past generations of Huntsclan were buried. The Huntsman planned to use the beetle to revive the past Huntsclan.

The next day at the auditions for Mark Antony, after going through a montage of failed auditions, Spud signs up for understudy and Jake performs his audition. Jake gets the part with Spud being his understudy but Trixie is still not impressed with Jake's method of asking Rose out.

Jake takes Rose to Grandpa's shop so that they could rehearse. Rose immediately wants to rehearse, "Act 4, Scene 15", the scene where Antony and Cleopatra kiss since it's the emotional centerpiece of the play. Jake panics, having never actually kissed a girl before. Trying to stall the kiss, Jake ends up tripping on a bowl hurtling it to the mason jar holding the beetle. The jar falls and the beetle escapes. Grandpa is angry that he lost the beetle while Fu Dog offers reinsurance about his first kiss.

The next day at school, Rose apologizes for making Jake nervous. They go to Rose's place for rehearsal. Their rehearsal is cut short when the Huntsman, whom Rose refers to as her uncle, comes home early. Rose takes Jake and pushes him outside, not wishing for the Huntsman to see him. For his plan, the Huntsman planned to capture Grandpa for information of the scarab.

Wanting to rehearse the play again, Rose goes to Grandpa's shop to find Jake. They go to Trixie's home since Jake wants to avoid Rose meeting his family. During rehearsal, the two see the beetle flying out of house's window. The two take a break to get the beetle. Jake shifts to his dragon form while Rose dresses as Huntsgirl. The two try to fight for the beetle before comically returning to the living room, obviously messy and out of breath, only to take another break as they fight again.

But on their last fight, the Huntsman arrives to take the beetle from Jake. Fu Dog finds out that the beetle is the key to bringing back the dead but can only be done under the light of the full moon. Jake goes to Spud to search up information of the Huntsclan's tomb. Both Jake and Rose tell each other that they can't do the play but promise to be back on time for the kiss. Spud is successful in finding the Huntsclan's tomb.

Jake and Grandpa battle with Huntsman and Huntsgirl, but Fu Dog fails to keep the scarab from the moonlight so the deceased Huntsclan are resurrected. Grandpa snatches the beetle from the moonlight while Jake burned the spell book needed to complete the spell causing the resurrected Huntsclan to crumble into dust. During the fight, Huntsgirl's leg is accidentally hit by a blast, injuring her.

Grandpa allows Jake to leave earlier for 'Act 4, Scene 15.' Jake arrives to find out that Spud was playing Cleopatra, since Rose had yet to arrive. In the hallway, Jake meets with Rose who had a cast on her leg. Jake becomes suspicious for a moment but tells Rose he's glad she's alright. Taking Trixie's advice in the end, Jake invites Rose for a date.


  • Aunt Patchouli, nicknamed "Aunt Patty", cameos in this episode.
  • The order of the flashbacks that Jake has take place five years earlier (first flashback), three years earlier before the first, and then two years earlier before the second.
  • During the montage, it shows that he had a dog named Princess when he was three.
  • It's implied that Jake goes to church when he tells Rose her penthouse looks better than his church.
  • This episode reveals that Spud has the entire works of Shakespeare committed to memory.
  • It's heavily implied that Jake had to kiss Spud. This would mean that Spud is actually Jake's first kiss, as he's never been kissed before.


  • After Huntsgirl is shot in the leg at the fight, as she reaches for her leg, her glove disappears, revealing her bare hand. As Huntsman teleports them out of the tomb, the glove is back.
  • Rose is shot in the upper thigh, but holds onto her ankle. Her cast is also put on her ankle.
  • When Trixie is speaking about Jake and Rose practicing in her house and talked with Jake, Rose's bandanna turns light blue until she turns her head.
  • While at Rose's house, Jake pulls a book off a bookshelf, and another bookshelf to the right of the viewer moves inwards, revealing some sort of tapestry. Moments later, the Huntsman pulls the same book, but this time the bookshelf to the left moves inwards, revealing the same tapestry.


  • Jake mentions the Fall Dance to Rose from "Dragon Breath" when he stutters he "hadn't had a chance to dance with her since the talk."
  • The date that Jake promised Rose at the end of the episode takes place in "The Ski Trip."


  • In Shakespeare's times, female roles were played by men (similar to how Spud played Cleopatra).
  • The play, 'Antony and Cleopatra' is a mirror of Jake's and Rose's future relationship. Later, Jake makes a reference to 'Romeo and Juliet' which mirrors the American Dragon's and Huntsgirl's relationship.
  • Huntsman's helmet being lowered down onto his head from the back is a direct homage from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader's helmet is lowered onto his own head.
  • Jake's costume for Antony is Russell Crowe's outfit from Gladiator.


  • According to Matt Negrete, one of the reasons the characters were "aged up" in season two was because of this episode, one kid thought Rose was actually Jake's babysitter.[1]
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