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Adventures in Troll-Sitting is the first segment of the fourth episode of season one and the fourth episode overall.


Jake must hide a giant, hairy troll from his parents and visiting aunt.


Jake is forced to take care of Stan Lipkowski the sewer troll by his role as the protector of magical creatures. Stan had to stay in his house until night time so that his hair wouldn't be burned by the sun.

Jake hid Stan in the guest bedroom to keep his dad from seeing him but found out that his aunt was coming to visit. As Jake's parents left to pick up Aunt Patchouli, Stan began to prepare himself for a date by showering. Aunt Patchouli arrived to their home early than expected and immediately went to take a shower, prompting Stan to hide. Stan panicked when Jake told him he burned up the troll hair he left in the sink which was what Stan was trying to prevent in the first place. It turned out that troll hair become ferocious fur creatures when burned.

Jake locked the fur creatures in the bathroom and made Haley help him hide Stan while he distracted the rest of the family, and found out Patchouli planned to meet someone. Jake then went to take care of the fur creatures but the noises attracted his parents' attention. Believing that they were hiding something from her, Aunt Patchouli burst into Haley's room and screamed in joy when she saw Stan, her date whom she planned to meet. Stanley and Patchouli leave with Jake's father commenting how odd Stanley seemed to be.


  • This is the first episode to center on Stan Lipkowski and Aunt Patchouli.
  • Jake's full name is revealed to be Jacob Luke Long. His mother screamed it when Jake was fighting the fur creatures in the hallway.
  • In this episode, the viewer learns that Stan went to college with Jake's aunt and dated her. According to Jeff Goode, they went to NYU in the 1980's.[1]
  • Jake's house may have belonged to Johnathan's side of the family since Aunt Patchouli told Jake that she used to live there when she was in college.
  • Stan uses special glasses that make him have two eyes.
  • Jeff Goode debuts in this episode as the voice of Haley's Doll.[2]
  • According to Jake, his mom has been trying to tell his dad about magical creatures since October '92.


  • When Jake is still in bed, his clock reads 5:00 and when the troll wakes him up, it reads 5:04. When Jake leaves his bed, it reads 5:12, and when he leaves his room, it immediately changes to 5:13. This may have been an animation error or some scenes were cut in-between to save time.
  • In Stan's first appearance in "Old School Training", his pupil was red. But in this episode it's drawn white like a normal human eye.


  • This is the first episode that Jeff Goode, the creator of the show, wrote.
  • This episode was aired along with "Fu Dog Takes A Walk ", making it the first episode to air two in one.
  • This is the second appearance of Stan. He was first introduced in "Old School Training."
  • This is the first appearance of Aunt Patchouli.


  • The title comes from the 1980's movie "Adventures in Babysitting."
  • Many Disney shows have aired with similiar titles such as That's So Raven's "Adventures in Boss-Sitting" and Kim Possible's "Adventures in Rufus-Sitting" (also a half episode).
  • When the troll is heard saying "Booya" in Haley's room, the troll is holding two dolls (one is a redhead girl and the other is a blonde who look remarkably similar to Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable).
  • "Booya" is also commonly said by Ron Stoppable in the Kim Possible series.
  • The scenes where Jake is trying to hide Stan are very similar to a scene in the Bionic Six episode "That's All Folks", where a cartoon skunk is stuffing Scarab and two of his minions in increasingly small hiding spaces. Especially the part where Stan becomes square-shaped when shoved in a small space and both the skunk and Jake saying "No, here" whenever they hid the person.



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