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Body Guard Duty is the eleventh episode of season one and the thirteenth episode overall.


Jake must be the Oracle twins' body guard as the crime-boss goblin, Herbert the Goblin, plans to capture the Oracle twins and use them for money. But Jake also finds out that his important mythology test is also on Friday, the same day as the Ogre Bowl. While protecting them, Kara has a vision of the test, and Jake uses Kara and Sarah to try and get the answers on the test.


Fu Dog takes Jake to his first Boulder Ball game but seventeen periods of games prevents Jake from getting real sleep. At school, Professor Rotwood informs his class that there would be a test on Friday that would count over fifty percent of their grades. Jake then learns he has another mission as the American Dragon--to protect the Oracle twins from Herbert the Goblin who planned to capture them and use them to make predictions on the upcoming Ogre Bowl. Since the Oracle twins can't predict when Herbert is coming after them, Jake has to protect them for the whole week.

Jake later introduces the twins, who are posing as his cousins from out of town, to Trixie and Spud. When they find out that the twins are seers, Trixie tries to get them to make a prediction of her. Kara tells her that she and Spud will "tie the knot", which freaks out Trixie. Meanwhile two goblins have poorly disguised themselves as teenage girls to get near the twins. Jake has trouble silencing the Oracle twins from making predictions to his school, which Kara tells Jake is physically impossible for them to do. The Oracle twins cannot lie about their visions which is certain to happen a hundred percent true. To prove that their visions don't come true all the time, Spud leaves the school and goes to the school's front to clear himself of any chocolate milk. But Spud trips and his yo-yo falls from his hand just as a truck carrying chocolate milk comes. Trying to stop the truck from running Spud over, the truck tips and spills the chocolate milk just as the Sara predicted.

When Jake and the Oracle twins are walking home, they take a shortcut through an alley. Sara falls and loses her sandal, which Jake goes to retrieve, and laughs about it. Jake is still confused about their character until Kara and Sara explain the reason behind their personalities. Kara's good visions has made life dull for her while Sara's bad visions makes her appreciate every good news. Sara then has a prediction that goblins would fall from the sky. Herbert's goblins surround them, and Sara's prediction that the alley would be filled with rotten fish helps Jake fight them off since the fish's odor irritates the goblins' high sense of smell.

Jake flies the Oracle twins to the rooftop for safety. After Kara has a prediction that Jake would get an answer right on his mythology test, Jake tries to use them to have more predictions on his test's answers. At lunch, Sara has a prediction that someone would take the last pudding from Rose so Jake steals it for her. Jake tries to use them to help him with Rose as well. After saving Rose from tripping downstairs, Jake is sent to his mythology class by Professor Rotwood without escorting the Oracle twins to the office.

During his test, Jake receives a message from the fairy messenger that the Oracle twins were going to be kidnapped by the goblins. Jake leaves the class despite Rotwood failing him and finds Sara's sandals in the hallway. With Grandpa and Fu Dog, they head to the Ogre Bowl to find the twins. Sara's earlier predictions of smelling pixie schnitzel helps Jake locate them faster. Herbert takes the Oracle twins and runs across the field. Despite Sara's earlier prediction that Jake would be hit by a boulder going 180 miles per hour, Jake flies to them and distracts Herbert, having him collide with the ogres so that he lets go of the twins. Jake catches the twins but seeing the boulder near him, he throws Sara and Kara against a float. Since he was flying at the speed of 179 miles per hour, his tail tapped the boulder away without getting injured. Unfortunately, he crashes against the stands. Kara and Sara thank him for saving them.

As Trixie and Spud walk home, Spud needs help tying his shoes. Trixie helps him by tying his shoes in a knot, and they realize that was what the Oracle twins meant. Jake walks the twins back to Magus Bazaar to their home, where Sara warns Jake about Rose's dark secret before closing the door on him.


  • This is the first episode to center on the Oracle twins.
  • The scene where Jake and Fu Dog sit next to each other in the stands are the same stands from "Fu Dog Takes a Walk" which was in a different place.
  • Fu Dog's grandmother cameos in this episode. She is thirteen hundred and ninety-two years old.
  • This is the first episode of the series to break the fourth wall.
  • This is one of Chris Roman's (director for season one) favorite episode.[1]


  • Fu Dog's grandmother was sitting in front of Jake and Fu Dog, but after the Ogres begin fighting, she's seen out in the field bashing at the Ogres. Then the first period bell rings and the scene quickly switches to Jake and Fu, Fu Dog's Grandmother is right in front of them with Fu Dog cheering his grandmother.
  • While Grandpa is reaching for the picture of Herbert the Goblin and the scene pans out so that the Oracle's whole bodies are view able, Sara's waistband is drawn red instead of blue.
  • When Jake is taking the test, the camera zooms into the room from the ceiling and at the far left of the screen, the Oracle twins are seen taking the test. Yet the twins were clearly kidnapped in the hallway.
  • Kara tells Jake that he'll find out about the new test Professor Rotwood's handing out tomorrow, but the end of the episode takes place on Friday. Tomorrow would be Saturday, unless the twins spend the rest of the weekend with Jake or Kara made the common mistake of 'tomorrow being Monday.'


  • This is the second appearance of the Oracle twins. The first appearance was in "Dragon Breath".
  • Sara's warning to Jake about Rose is a foreshadowing of the episode "The Ski Trip".


  • Spud spinning on the ground, sticking his tongue out is a classic Curley trademark from the Three Stooges' Three Missing Links.
  • Jake catching Rose and her books before she fell down the stairs is similar to the famous scene in Spider-Man when Peter catches MJ in his left and and her lunch before they reach the ground.
  • The twins being descendants of the Oracle twins is a reference to the Oracle of Delphi.


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