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Dragon Breath is the third episode of season one of American Dragon: Jake Long and the third episode overall. It premiered as the second episode.


When Jake comes down with a serious case of Dragon stank breath, Fu Dog must set him up on a date for the school dance. But Jake's date turns out to be a soul-sucking Nix and it's up to Jake to save his school.


  • This episode debuts the Oracle twins, Veronica, and Jasmine.
  • According to Haley, Jake has never had a date before, sleeps with a night light, picks his toes, and had to go to first grade with an extra pair of underwear due to accidents.
  • When Grandpa shows Jasmine's picture, she's wearing a sweater that she was drawn in for her promotion art.
File:Sara at Jake's dance.png
  • Sara, or someone that looks like her, can be seen at the dance.
  • At the school dance, the girls are wearing the same style of dress except that they're different colors.


  • When Sara and Kara are first seen, Sara doesn't have the blue waistband on her dress.
  • It can clearly be seen that when Jake and Fu pull into the train station, they are in the front car. But when the train is seen again, they are in the middle car.
  • At the dance, Rose's black hairband is drawn red when she's sitting at the table alone.
  • Throughout the episode, Rose's birthmark is gone, but when Jake asks her to dance, it appears, and then it is gone again.
  • When the Nix faints and returns everyone their souls, Trixie is seen in the crowd. But when Jasmine transforms back to her human form, she's gone.


  • This is the first episode to include body-switching. The second was "Switcheroo".
    • Just like "Switcheroo", it is never explained how two people got their bodies back. (Trixie and Spud; Numbers 88 and 89.)
  • Originally, Sara was going to wear a white dress while Kara wore a black dress.
  • Instead of Sara asking Jake if he wanted to know when he was going to die, her original question was if he wanted to know when he's going to "kick the bucket" and "buy the farm" instead, implying he was going to become a farmer.
  • This is the first time Haley mentions Jake sleeping with a night-light. The second is in "Professor Rotwood's Thesis."


  • The flea market in Magus Bazaar was inspired by Harry Potter's Diagon Alley.[1]
  • Nix is very similiar to another mythological creature called "Wadjet", a terrible and winged snake.
  • The way Jake produced his bad breath is similar to the Spongebob Squarepant's episode where Spongebob and Patrick had bad breath.
  • The roaring sounds that the Nix makes are very similar to that of Kuwagamon from the first season of Digimon.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Jasmine's character was supposed to be a Succubus, but that plan was nixed for various legal reasons.[2]



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