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Dragon Summit is the twelve episode of season one of American Dragon: Jake Long and the fourteenth episode overall. It was debuted as the ninth episode of the series as part of Disney's April Fool's Day marathon.


Jake attends the World Dragon Summit and becomes engaged in a hilarious battle of pranks with Fred Nerk, the Australian Dragon, during which he learns about his grandpa's history with the infamous The Dark Dragon.


Jake, Grandpa, and Fu Dog are traveling to the Isle of Draco, a summit where world dragons meet, share techniques, and ideas. Most importantly, it is where the World Dragon Council resides. They take the Enchanted Elevators to reach the other side of the world. To make a good impression as the first American Dragon, Jake tries to show off his skateboarding moves, but the Australian Dragon Fred Nerk uses his tail to trip him from his board, hurtling Jake toward the Dragon Councilors. Inside the council chambers, the Dragon Council reprimand Jake for past actions since they violate the Official Dragon Code. They give Jake three tests that will judge his skills and standards as a dragon.

Outside, Jake recognizes Fred Nerk as the one who tripped him. Fu Dog explains that he used to be the new kid last year and may have not liked being replaced. As Grandpa goes to reserve the practice field for him and Jake to practice his tests, Jake and Fu Dog decide to use the time they have to pull a prank on Fred Nerk. A montage of pranks between the two follows. When Jake is about to pull one last prank on Fred Nerk using Magical Sneezing Salts, he's called in for his test by Councilor Kulde. The test is the Judgement in Fire; Jake must use his fire to melt ice targets that are threatening but spare creatures that aren't. During his test, he runs into an unicorn ice-sculpture, causing him to fall along with the sneezing salts which makes sneeze fireballs everywhere.

At the training grounds, Grandpa lectures Jake for having brought the magic sneezing salts that made him fail the test. Fu Dog reveals that the council has a policy of not letting relatives train each other and only allowed Lao Shi to train Jake after much persistence. If Jake doesn't pass the next two tests, he would be assigned a new master. At the bottom of a volcano, a cloaked Chang meets with the Dark Dragon to tell him that Jake has failed his test.

Granda, Jake, and Fu Dog continue his training at the gymnasium with Fu Dog posing as other magical creatures. Jake sees that they have a statue of the Huntsman, who has been classified as the fourth biggest threats out of thirteen threats to the magical world. The Dark Dragon is the first threat, being the first dragon to turn evil and is consumed by dark, powerful black magic. Only one dragon has faced him and lived—Lao Shi. Despite the council's belief that the Dark Dragon is gone, Grandpa does not and is why he insisted on training Jake himself.

Jake's next test is assigned by Councilor Andam and will test his Wisdom in Battle. Jake fights against Brownies, and despite the Brownies gaining the upper-hand in the battle, Jake uses his dragon breath on sand to create a glittery cascade. The Brownies are distracted by their love for shiny things and is trapped inside Jake's claws, winning him the test.

For Jake's next test assigned by Councilor Change, the Courage of Flight, he is to fly around the perimeters around the Isle of Draco and pass through three magical fire rings. But he must also fly faster than his competitor, whom Jake chooses to be Fred Nerk in order to prove that he is serious about this competition. While Fred Nerk focuses on being in the lead, Jake makes sure to take care of the creatures around him. During their flight above the volcanoes, a shadow hand appears after Jake but grabs Fred Nerk instead, bringing him inside the cavern. Jake goes to save him and comes face-to-face with the Dark Dragon.

Jake goes to free Fred Nerk before battling the Dark Dragon. Nerk comes back to save him. The Dark Dragon grabs onto Jake before he leaves, but Jake manages to lose his grasp. Jake finds one of the Dark Dragon's talons on his ankle. He finishes his race with Nerk, who comes in first. Jake tells the Dragon Council that the Dark Dragon is back and Fred Nerk confirms it's true. Regardless of the circumstances, Councilor Chang still fails him for her test, but since Jake went back to save Fred Nerk, Councilor Kulde passes him for his test in Judgement of Fire. Councilor Chang is upset that they'd ignored one-thousand years of rule for the two boys, so Jake gives her the Dark Dragon's claw as proof.

Grandpa shares to Jake that he believes the Dark Dragon's return is more than a coincidence and believes there is an agent. Back at the cavern, the hooded figure reveals herself to be Councilor Chang. The Dark Dragon and Councilor Chang were actually trying to persuade Jake into joining their side. Before Jake leaves the Dragon Summit, Fred Nerk comes to say goodbye. They both end up pulling pranks on each other.


  • Jake and Fred Nerk are the first American and Australian dragons, respectively.
  • Jake is also the first dragon to be trained by a family member, his grandfather.
  • In the trial by fire, there was only one bad enemy while the rest were good.
  • Grandpa reveals that brownies like shiny things and griffins fight dirty.
  • Fred Nerk changes into his dragon form by snapping his fingers.
  • Jake meets his new arch-enemy, the Dark Dragon.
  • Jake refers him, Grandpa, and Fu Dog as "Team Dragon."


  • When Grandpa yells "That's what Grandpa's talking about!", you can see two Egyptians behind him. Later when Jake wins the Wisdom in Battle test and the scene is on Councilor Chang, you can see the Egyptian Dragon behind Chang's shoulders. Yet when the scene changes to Lao Shi, two Egyptian Dragons are back.


  • According to director Steve Loter, the members of the Dragon Council are:
    • Councilor Andam of Africa
    • Councilor Kulde of Europe
    • Councilor Kukulkhan of Central America
    • Councilor Omina of Atlantis
    • Councilor Chang of Asia
  • Because Disney aired this episode out of order, the events in "Shapeshifter" were discussed before the episode actually aired.
  • The Dragon Council mentions events that happened in "Shapeshifter", "Dragon Breath", and "Professor Rotwood's Thesis".
  • In this episode, when Fu Dog dresses up as a siren, he wears a mermaid-like costume. Yet in future episode "Siren Says", Vicky, a siren, lacks a mermaid tail.
  • Although the audience is aware of Chang's alliance with the Dark Dragon, Grandpa and Jake will not find out until "Hong Kong Nights".


  • Isle of Draco is named after the Latin word 'dragon' which suits the fact that dragons live on the island.
  • Fred Nerk is a placeholder name utilized in Australia.
  • Councilor Chang seems to have an arrow on her head just like Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • The Judgement of Fire is very similar to the shooting range scene in the Men in Black 1997 film where Agent J shoots Little Tiffany.
  • Dark Dragon's appearance matches the appearance of the dragon form of Malificient, from the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty.
  • Jake's quote "I got tall, dark, and ugly" is a spoof of the famous saying tall, dark, and handsome.
  • This episode contains many similarities to Star Wars.
    • The Jedi Council and the Dragon Council.
    • Both have similar training style of Master and apprentice.
    • The use of three tests called the trials is much like the ones Jedi Padawans must undergo before the Council in order to advance.
    • Dark cloaks worn by Councilor Chang and the Dark Dragon are similar to the ones worn by the Sith.
    • The Dark Dragon shares the Island secretly with the Dragon Council like the Sith Lord Darth Sidious lived on the same planet as the Jedi Council.
    • The Dark Dragon is thought to be gone forever much like the Sith were thought to be extinct.
  • The events of the Courage in Flight are also similar to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
    • There were three magical tasks where the last task turned out to be a trap for the main character set up by a dark agent (Chang and Barty Crouch Jr.).
    • Both the main character returns with news that an old foe returns that everyone thought gone forever and he's not believed.
  • In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore admitted he knew Harry would have to face Voldemort someday but he didn't tell Harry. Very similarly, Grandpa is denying a pretty obvious thing.


  • This episode was originally going to be titled "The Order of the Dragon" and was meant to be the sixth episode. However it was scrapped and rewritten to be this episode as a budgetary maneuver which allowed the writers to hire an additional writer to do an extra revision of the script.[1]



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