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Flight of the Unicorn is the second segment of the thirteenth episode of season one and the sixteenth episode overall.


Jake, Trixie, and Spud must transport a wild mystical female unicorn from Coney Island to Central Park during holiday rush hour whilst escaping from the freakshow carnival folk.


It's Memorial Day and Jake, Trixie, and Spud spent it on Coney Island's amusement park. The trio go on frantic rides and eat junk food together. Jake gets nausea after one of their rides and goes to vomit on the alley. He finds a sideshow that contains freaks—a strong man, a bearded lady, a fire-breather—and they claim to have a unicorn, which they find out is true. Jake has to bring the unicorn back to its herd since they only appear on the last night of the full moon, which was tonight.

They go back to the sideshow where Trixie and Spud distract the fire-breather while Jake frees the unicorn. They get spotted by the Strong Man and the three, along with the unicorn, are chased by the sideshows actors. They have to use the subway to reach Central Park so they used disguises, but the Carnies catch up to the subway.

Jake dragons up to fight them, giving Trixie and Spud enough time to ride the unicorn to Central Park. They reach the park in time to see the herd as disappear into a magical dimensional gap.


  • Trixie's mother's name is Dorothy.
  • When Jake turns into a dragon, a group of people see it, and therefore, there's a couple more people that have witnessed Jake's dragon form.


  • An early script showed that Professor Rotwood was originally going to appear in this episode.

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