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Fu Dog Takes a Walk is the second segment of the fourth episode of season one and the fifth episode overall.


Fu Dog's trip to a Yankee game ends up with him trying to outrun a maniacal dog-catcher.


As part of Jake's dragon-training, Jake and Grandpa sparred together but Jake's cocky attitude allowed for distractions. Instead they did a meditating exercise to work on Jake's concentration. Fu Dog was delivered tickets to the playoff game from Big Ernie and was allowed to walk himself there. But a dogcatcher allergic to canines needed Fu Dog as he was last dog breed she needed and chased after him.

She caught him after being kicked out from the subway station by the police, landing on Fu Dog. After an hour had passed, Grandpa knew Fu Dog had gotten into some kind of trouble and went to search for him. At that time, Fu Dog and the rest of the dogs that were captured were send to a dilapidated factory where the dog catcher planned to combine the essence of every breed of dog into an vat machine to create a perfume that would've made her impervious to her dog allergies.

Fu Dog escaped from his cage using his unlocking powder. Before he could help the others escape, he was grabbed by the factory's pincer. Fu Dog kicked and pulled the lever down, opening the door cages for the other dogs to go free. The dog catcher walked backwards to avoid the dogs, hitting a red button with her back that sent Fu Dog over to the emulsifying vat. Fu Dog shouted for Sancho's help but the power switch ended up freeing Fu Dog from the pincer, right above the vat.

But Grandpa and Jake arrive just in time to catch Fu Dog from plummeting into the vat. Already late for his baseball game, Fu Dog decides not to emulsify the dog catcher and instead takes the dogs to the baseball game, where he gives other magical creatures their own pets, with Sancho licking his face.


  • This is the first episode centered on Fu Dog.
  • Ogelvy is the first main villain who's a human with no initial knowledge of the magical world.
  • The episode takes place on a Sunday on September.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Fu Dog is a Chinese shar-pei, is bad at his dog vocabulary, may own a feather boa, and was the one that invented the "puppy-dog eyes" trick.


  • When Jake is training with Lao Shi, at first Fu Dog is wearing a blue Magus Gym shirt. But when Jake gets knocked into the merchandise, he's not wearing it anymore.
  • After the merchandise falls on Jake and Lao Shi facepalms, he sighs but his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Grandpa and Jake leave the shop to go find Fu Dog, Jake says "if you say so" but his mouth wasn't moving either.
  • The lever that Fu Dog used to open the cages was the same lever the dog catcher used to grab Fu Dog with the factory's pincer. But later it was the red lever that freed Fu Dog from the pincer.
  • Throughout the episode, the poodle is colored in navy and purple and her collar was pink. But at the end of the episode, her fur was drawn with grey shades and her collar blue.


  • This episode aired along with "Adventures in Troll Sitting", making it the first episode to air two in one.
  • Both episodes are about 11 to 15 minutes each.
  • Frequently at the end of a Disney Channel original movie, there would usually be a free 15 minute period. To get rid of the time Disney would sometimes air one of these episodes.



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