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Fu and Tell is the first segment of the thirteenth episode of the series and the fifteenth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Haley brings Fu Dog to her school for "Show And Tell", where Fu Dog confronts an old nemesis.

Plot Edit

Jake comes home from school to find that Haley had raided his room in search for something that will overshadow Olivia Mears and her rare, award-winning cat, Miss Tinkles, at her school's show-and-tell, which was tomorrow. He then gets an idea and takes Haley to Grandpa's shop to persuade Fu Dog to be shown-and-tell. Fu Dog relunctantly agrees to do it with the agreement that he would recieve Sloppy Joes.

The next day, Haley is given attention in her classroom thanks to Fu Dog. He almost blows his cover, however, when he threatens one of Haley's classmates, but Haley covers it up by saying he's barking in Chinese since he's a Shar-Pei. Olivia Mears arrives late with Miss Tinkles and mocks Haley for bringing her dog. Miss Tinkles, a hairless Chinese cat, turns out to be Yan Yan, an old enemy of Fu Dog who he frequently fought with for the enchanted coin that belonged to Fu Dog's paternal side of the family.

As they remember their adventures, Haley and the rest of the classroom have to leave for recess and lunch allowing the two animals to begin their fight. The fight leads to destructing the classroom, though mostly due to Yan Yan, as they've been known for causing destruction before. Fu Dog then runs to the hallway where they continue their fight throughout the school. The fight finishes in the cafeteria where Fu Dog throws a bowl of sauce at Yan Yan and retrieves his enchanted coin, swallowing it as the bell rings.

Fu Dog runs back to the classroom and locks Yan-Yan's cage before going to his. Yan Yan's is hasty and her claws prevents her from entering her cage in time. The class comes back to see the classroom in ruin and Yan-Yan is blamed. Miss McGuire prevents Olivia from bringing back Miss Tinkles for future show-and-tells and asks Haley to do hers first. After school, Haley and Fu Dog renegotiate their Sloppy Joes deal.

Cast Edit


  • Jake has a journal that is used as a diary and also where he writes love songs to Rose.
  • According to Fu Dog's comment, this is the first time he has been to a school.
  • Yan-Yan and Fu Dog have fought in and are responsible for:
    • In China 1424 during the Ming Dynasty at the Great Wall of China.
    • In Paris 1793 during the Place de la Revolution.
    • In Germany 1917 in the Battle of Keilbergmelen.
    • In Ancient Egypt, they were responsible for disfiguring the nose of a Sphinx.
    • In Ancient Italy, they were the ones who tilted the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
    • In April 15, 1912, they caused the Titanic to crash against the ice-burg.
  • This is the first episode not to center on Jake or show him turning into a dragon.
  • This is also Fu Dog's second centered episode.
  • Both Olivia and Yan Yan debut in this episode but this is Yan Yan's only appearance.


  • According to Jeff Goode's transcript, Haley goes to Manhattan Elementary.

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