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Halloween Bash is the eighteenth episode of season one of American Dragon: Jake Long and the twenty-first episode overall. It was debuted as the series' seventeenth episode as a Halloween special. 


While Grandpa takes Haley trick or treating, Jake seizes the opportunity to throw the wildest Halloween party ever mixing humans and magical creatures.


In the temple council chambers, Councilors Andam, Kulde, and Chang are establishing the surprise student inspections they have made on dragons-in-training when Andam announces that the last student they must evaluate is Jake Long. Chang expresses her annoyance of Jake still being a member of the order when her tea cup shatters from being gripped too hard, earning awkward stares from Andam and Kulde. Andam clears his throat and claims his confidence of Jake passing the inspection, even stating that he might be training at the moment.

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In reality, Jake was in his Grandpa's shop playing around with his fire abilities while Trixie and Fu Dog were making bets on his outcomes. After Grandpa walks into the front of the shop to warn Jake on finding balance between fun and training, Haley arrives in a princess costume to take Grandpa trick-or-treating. Attempting to mock Grandpa for his small wisdom by balancing himself on a stool using one finger, the stool ends up breaking under Jake's weight sending him rolling into the streets in his dragon form. Jake panics as a small crowd surrounds him until a business lady tells her he has the best dragon costume in New York, reminding him it was Halloween.

Using this realization, he decides to host a party. Fu Dog is reluctant and warns Jake that he'll regret it, since Grandpa found out about his party last time. He only then agrees when Jake bribes him by promising to invite cute talking poodles as he plans to invite everyone, humans and magical creatures alike. Fu Dog is convinced and quickly orders the preparations, greeting the guest with Jake. The Dragon Council then arrive in New York in their dragon forms before shape-shifting back into human at an alley. They're all unaware of the Huntsman and Huntsgirl, who are watching them.

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Meanwhile, Haley is discussing what Halloween is really about to Grandpa and how apples are only handed to losers. The one who receives the most candy has the best costume, which Haley believes her princess costume will bring her adoring fans. However when Haley and Grandpa go to their first door, Grandpa is praised more because the homeowner thought he was a little boy dressed as a wise, old Chinese man. Haley is simply given an apple.

Fu Dog reconsiders the party when he sees trolls begin to break the shop's merchandise. The three friends are not helping ease his worries. Jake tells him that this party is the only opportunity for the barriers between magical creatures and humans to break. Fu Dog accuses him of wanting to show off his dragon muscles, which Jake does within seconds but digresses, promising nothing else will get broken. At the same time, Haley turns into a dragon hoping that the homeowners will be impressed with a princess dragon but continues to earn apples.

The Dragon Councils arrive at Grandpa's shop to find the out of control party and enter the shop while Fu Dog attempts to bring the party under control. Jake, Spud, and Trixie form a crowd on the rooftop where Jake begins rapping for the crowd, where he is confronted by the Dragon Council. The Dragon Council take away Jake's dragon powers from him due to his responsibilities. Everyone thought it was a "trick" that took away Jake's "costume", but Councilor Chang reveals his powers are deactivated with Grandpa and Jake being suspended from the Dragon Order.

Jake leaves the party and at the same moment, the Dragon Council are ambushed by the Huntsman in an alley. As Jake is walking down the streets, he witnesses the Huntsman loading the bounded Council into a vehicle. Jake tries to pursue chase but with his dragon powers gone, he is useless. Jake spots two harpies from the party and gets them to help him chase the Huntsclan's vehicle. At the party, Fu Dog speaks to the crowd to help clean up the shop for Jake.

The harpies stop in front the cemetery where Huntsgirl would be performing her first Dragon Slaying rite. Jake overhears their plan and goes to find Grandpa, but instead encounters a kid wearing a costume of his grandfather. He finds out everyone is dressed up as Grandpa. He uses the kid's advice of partying and goes to Grandpa's shop to bring the party to the cemetery. The Huntsgirl chooses to slay Councilor Chang, and as she and Huntsmaster begin to recite the ritual, the airwaves of the loudspeakers makes Huntsgirls fall against a gravestone, knocking her unconscious. The Huntsman is flung by Jake and a leprechaun and Jake begins to rap while the rest of the magical creatures begin to fight the Huntsclan members. The Huntsman shoots an arrow to unplug the cord, stopping the party. When the Huntsman orders for the Huntsclan to take everyone in the crowd, the Council become dragons and fight off the Huntsclan.

File:S1E18 - Haley and Grandpa counting candy.png

The Council thank Jake for rescuing them and give him back his dragon powers, although obvious reluctance on Chang's part. Fu Dog promises not to tell Grandpa about the events after becoming distracted by a poodle. Back at the house, Haley and Grandpa are counting their candy. Grandpa uses his tail of the dragon to knock the floor so that Haley can check the door. Grandpa pours the rest of his candy into Haley's, so that Haley had more candy than him.


  • Grandpa seems to have a love for Hawaii, as he's a fan of classic Hawaiian music and visited Hawaii.
  • Ingrid Third from Fillmore! makes a cameo.
  • Cheerleaders from Kim Possible also make an appearance.
  • Among the many magical guests invited, there are two elf girls who look like teenage versions of Inga and Uta, caterers from "Jake Takes the Cake."
File:Ghosts Boy 1 and 2.png
File:Huntsboys 88 and 89.png
  • Two characters, Ghost Boy #1 and #2, look a lot like Huntsboys #88 and #89. However it is unconfirmed that it's actually them.
  • Basically, the Dragon Council revealed themselves in front of Jake's classmates who attended the party. But everyone thought their powers was a trick.
  • Many magical creatures and Jake's classmates cameo in this episode.
  • Rose getting knocked unconscious was so that she doesn't see Jake coming to the rescue of the elders.
  • This is the second time we see the staff of the Huntsclan transforming into other weapons or forms. The first was in "The Ski Trip" when Huntsgirl's staff turned into a snowboard.
  • According to Fu Dog, his friendship with Grandpa is 'pretty deep that they tell each other everything' but this is before he gets distracted by the poodle.


  • Fu Dog tells Jake he had to go to obedience school for throwing a party when Grandpa was in Hawaii, yet in "Fu and Tell" he says he has never gone to a school before.
  • Courtney's hair is frequently mis-colored black.
  • Whenever Haley and Grandpa are seen walking the streets, classmates attending Jake's party are also seen in the background.


  • Mermaids seem to be associated with higher maths. In this episode, the mermaids hang with the math club members. In "Eye of the Beholder", Lutia designed the pyramids.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Fu Dog's wears a tuxedo that Big Boi, a rapper, wore in the his "I Like the Way You Move" video.
  • Trixie is wearing a similar inflatable vinyl suit much like Missy Elliot, another rapper, did for her music video, "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)".

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