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Sara and Kara Oracle are identical twin sisters, oracles, and the decedents of the Oracle of the Delphi. Being seers, they are capable of seeing visions that are always certain to happen, although sometimes their prognostications may be vague.[1]


Being seers and descendants of the Oracle of Delphi, Sara and Kara were considered part of the magical community and lived in Magus Bazaar with the rest of the magical creatures. Prior to meeting Team Dragon, Fu Dog met the twins and after getting to know them well enough, though it shouldn't have taken long, he nicknamed Sara "Little Miss Sunshine" because of her perky personality and Kara "Miss Gloom and Doom" for her apathetic attitude.

File:Jake meeting Kara and Sara.png

Jake Long was first introduced to the twins by Fu Dog as possible dates for his school's Fall Dance. Initially, Jake was pleased that he would take them to the dance as to have "one for each arm" until Sara asked him if he wanted to know the date of his death in an enthusiastic voice. He also found Kara's monotone vibe unattractive. He decided that they'd be more traumatizing to Rose, the girl he was trying to impress, and left them afterward.[2]

Ironically, the twins did end up going to his school one day when they were in danger of being captured by Herbert the Goblin. The goblin planned to capture them and force them to make predictions on the Ogre Bowl's outcome, which was on the same Friday that Jake's mythology test was taking place. Yet as the magical protector of magical creatures, Jake was sent to body guard the two girls until the Ogre Bowl was over. Kara and Sara posed as his cousins from out of town.

They met and befriended Jake's friends, Trixie and Spud. Their abilities were quickly discovered when Sara forgave Trixie for spitting soda on her, which had yet to happen. Adhering Trixie's request to having her future told, Kara then made a prediction that she and Spud would "tie the knot", making her distressed.

Upon arriving to school, the twins began to share their incessant visions to Jake's peers, claiming it was physically impossible for them not to share their visions at Jake's request to silence them. Their visions were always certain to happen and were a hundred-percent truth.

After school, an impatient Jake was determined to study for his test and had the twins take a shortcut. Kara managed to easily climb the fence, but Sara was hindered due to her sandals. When she tripped and lost her sandal, she joked about it which confused Jake. The twins revealed the reasons behind their personality, which makes Jake a bit more open-minded to them before Sara prophecied that goblins would fall from the sky. True enough, the twins and Jake found themselves surrounded by the goblins who had been spying on them all day. Jake transformed into the American Dragon and fought them off while Sara protected Kara with her foresighting. Sara exclaimed that the alley was going to be filled with fish, which is what Jake used to rid the goblins away. He then flew the twins to a rooftop where Sara thanked him but Kara stated he made them "sitting ducks".

Kara then had a vision of one of his test's answers, and so he quickly took the twins to his grandfather's shop to get more answers using their visions. When the twins returned to school the next day, the undercover henchmen were more impatient to capture them. Sara began to have visions on Rose, and Jake became welcomed to her visions as they were helping him. One crucial vision that Sara had was her smelling Pixie Schnitzel. When Jake left them after saving Rose and being forced to class by Professor Rotwood, the twins had a vision of Herbert kidnapping them but Jake saving them. They had a messenger fairy send Jake this message, with the warning that he'd be hit by a boulder too.

As they were captured by Herbert, Sara lost her sandal in the school hallway. The twins were taken to Madison Square where the Ogre Bowl was taking place, and were placed in the luxury box. The goblins tried to persuade them into revealing who would win the game by offering them Pixie Schnitzel. It was a feeble attempt which resulted in Herbert having to threaten them. Team Dragon arrived to save them but Herbert quickly snatched the twins and ran with them into the field full of flying boulders, a nervous Jake following after hearing Sara's cry for help. After catching up with Herbert, he kicked the goblin away from the twins and scooped up each twin into his arm, but had to throw them to a balloon to avoid having them being hit by a boulder flying toward him.

The twins surrounded Jake after he gain consciousness from having crashed into the sidelines. Sara quickly hugged him in appreciation. When Jake gave back her sandal, Kara took it to hit his shoulder repeatedly. Sara exclaimed that the whole situation could have been avoided if he guarded them well. That night, Jake took the twins home as he longer needed to guard them. But before Sara closed the door on him, she warned him about Rose.[1]

When Eli Pandarus was hosting a beauty pageant for magical creatures, Sara and Kara came to Lao Shi's shop to warn the group about a premonition Sara had regarding what Eli Pandarus was really using the pageant for. Although the vision did not give them exact details of what would occur, it nevertheless did allow the team to stop Pandarus' plan.[3]

The twins were later contacted by Fu Dog and Jake to help them rescue Lao Shi from the Dark Dragon. They were the few people to do so, and so they made a small army along with the Tooth Fairy, Veronica, Trixie, and Spud. They predicted Chang's imprisonment, and carried the captured Chang out of the sewers. The two used their foresightings to instruct Jake through his small battle with the Dark Dragon and stood proudly against him. As their final feat, the twins, Veronica, Trixie, Spud, and Jake performed the "Lao Shi Lift Off", jettisoning the Dark Dragon into the air and to his presumed demise by the Tooth Fairy.[4] Months pass before either twins are seen. When Sara had an appalling vision that the Huntsclan had managed to devise a plan that would annihilate all magical creatures, she and Kara went to inform Jake at his school. They are taken to Lao Shi's to furthur explain the situation. However, the only details to her vision was seeing a circle of skulls everywhere and all magical creatures in agony. When asked for good news from Kara, she stated that they would successfully set a trap that would catch a member of the Huntsclan.[5]

Later when Jake created a blog to vent out his frustrations about a teacher, Kara is one of the first to find it. She called out for her sister to see it, and give away the name of the blog when other magical creatures were interested in reading it. Both twins help Lao Shi and Fu Dog discover why magical creatures were intent on having Rotwood's head, which was Jake's blog all along.[6]

Sightings Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sara and Kara's names are composed of four letters that rhyme with the name of their voice actress, Tara Strong.
  • Sara is the first twin to have a vision on-screen, but instead asks Jake if he wants to know it rather than state it. Kara does share her first vision, which actually makes her the first twin to actually state a prophecy.
  • Both twins can be seen in the opening cinematic of season two. Sara gives an excited scream after Jake skateboards pass by her, with Kara simply rolling her eyes.
  • They are the first twins to be introduced, the others being Rose and her twin sister, the Chow Chow twins, and Chris and Craig.
  • They are also the first pair to be always seen together, the other being Huntsboys #88 and #89.
  • Sara's name was originally spelled as 'Sarah' by Jeff Goode.[7]
  • Both twins were originally going to wear different attires for season one. Sara and Kara were going to wear a white and black dress, respectively.[7]
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