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Shapeshifter is the second episode of season one of American Dragon: Jake Long and the second episode overall. It debuted as the eleventh episode of the series.


When Jake gets shapeshifting abilities for a dragon mission, he misuses them to get out of a parent-teacher conference and impress his peers.


Grandpa, Fu Dog, and Jake were on a mission to stop Ralph the Goblin. As Ralph was leaving his bus, Jake went to catch him but the goblin's high sense of smell alerted him of Jake, leading to a chase. Jake fell into a manhole while Grandpa caught Ralph.

The next day at school, Trixie and Spud expressed annoyance that they've been kicked out of the skateboarding park by rich kids. Before he went to his class, Jake overheard Rose speaking of "how cute he is" to Courtney and believed the conversation was about him. He went to tell Rose about their mutual likings for each other but found that she was actually speaking about Jaren MacArthur. To redirect the conversation, he tried to show off his skate moves but failed and ruined a picture of Professor Rotwood. Professor Rotwood expressed his dislike for Jake and ordered a parent/teacher conference with his parents.

When he went to complain to Grandpa, Jake learned that Fu Dog had performed a truth-spell on Ralph last night and retrieved information. Ralph was paid to pick up the Orb of Malorfis, an orb that contained dark magic, from the Huntsman to deliver it a goblin crime in Ohio in exchange for money. Jake had to intercept the mission undercover as the goblin. Fu Dog gave Jake a potion that tapped into Jake's dragon's natural shape-shifting abilities. The spell would last for 24 hours and would hinder Jake's own dragon's powers. Fu Dog also warned Jake not to overuse his shape shifting powers since it becomes difficult to control if overused. Jake as Ralph meets with the Huntsclan at Central Park an hour later and finds that Ralph would be receiving the orb late.

Jake's parents were upset about the parent/teacher conference despite Jake's argument of Professor Rotwood being a freak. The next day when Susan and Johnathan are about to meet Professor Rotwood for the conference, Jake had shape shifted into an administrator and guided his parents into a different class. He then shape-shifted into Professor Rotwood and had the conference with his parents, acting like a nutcase to scare off his parents. He later shape-shifted into his mother and met with Professor Rotwood, making his mother act offended of Professor Rotwood's opinion of Jake, leaving his professor speechless.

As he left, he overheard Rose speaking about Jaren again and shape-shifted into the pop idol. However one of Jaren's fangirls wanted Jake to sing one of Jaren's songs. Jake sung his serenade to Rose off-key and with horrible lyrics, leaving Rose and the other girls freaked out. Meanwhile at the park, Trixie and Spud were arguing with Brad. Jake then shape-shifted into Tommy King, a pro skating sensational who was at France at the time, and won back the park for Trixie and Spud. As Jake/Tommy skated, his shape-shifting momentarily malfunctioned and Spud noticed, but decided it was an earlier fall that messed up his head.

Later that day at sundown, Jake met with the Huntsman as Ralph again. Just as Jake was about to get the orb, his shape-shifting skills malfunctioned again in front of the Huntsman and begun to uncontrollably shape-shift into everyone he has shape-shifted into until his body settled with Jaren MacArthur. Before his grandfather could save him, the Huntsclan teleported out of the park, taking Jake with them.

Jake was tied to the wall of the Huntsclan's dungeon. The Huntsman wanted to have him slayed after his identity was known to them. Grandpa and Fu Dog had trouble finding where the Huntsclan teleported Jake to until they realized they could use Ralph's to sniff out Jake. Just as Jake's face was about to be revealed, the light circulation was cut off and Grandpa, as a dragon, attacked them. Jake transformed into the American Dragon and freed himself from his chains. The dragons engaged in a fight with the Huntsclan but after the Huntsman destroyed the roof's support, the lair began to fall apart.

One of the roof's falling concrete fell on Grandpa leaving him vulnerable to the Huntsman. Jake singed a mirror's rope support, making it fall so that the Huntsman's blast ricocheted and blasted him out of the lair instead. Huntsgirl followed after the Huntsman and the rest made it out of the lair safely with the orb safe in Jake's hands.

The next morning, Grandpa walked Jake to school. Jake reassured Grandpa that he did not misuse his shapeshifting powers, but the scenery before them unraveled the truth. Susan and Professor Rotwood left the school in a heated argument, Rose was seen with a news reporter about Jaren MacArthur's appearance, and lastly, Trixie and Spud asked Jake about his association with Tommy King.

Cast Edit

Addition Voices Edit

  • Jeff Bennett
  • John DiMaggio
  • Kittie
  • Lauren Tom


  • The picture of Professor Rotwood that Jake destroyed revealed Rotwood's full name to be Hans Rotwood and that he has a PhD.
  • Jake reveals that he's a Pisces, is into extreme sports, and likes girl.
  • Since he's a Pisces, his birthday is between February 19 and March 20.
  • We learn that dragon powers can skip a generation.


  • Rose's birthmark is missing when she's looking at the picture of Jaren with Courtney.
  • When it first aired, near the end of the episode the Huntsman could be heard saying to Rose 'Patience Thorn'. 'Thorn' was what Rose's Huntsclan identity, was originally going to be called instead of Huntsgirl. This was from them forgetting to dub that part over with Huntsgirl.
  • When Jake lashes out with his chains towards Huntsgirl, he breaks two legs of the table the Orb is on, but the table still stands like nothing happened.


  • This episode reveals that there are more members of the Huntsclan. The Huntsclan's background would not be elaborated on until "Act 4, Scene 15" (production wise) and the rest of season two.
  • Since Disney would air the episodes out of order, this episode premiered after "Professor Rotwood's Thesis" (where Trixie and Spud had learned his identity).


  • The scene where Jake walks down the hallway as Jaren MacArthur is a reference to John Travolta's walking scene in Saturday Night Fever.
  • Jaren MacArthur's name and personality is a combination of two real life male blond singing sensations, Jesse McCartney and Aaron Carter.
  • Tommy King is an allusion to Tony Hawk.



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