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The Egg is first segment of the eighth episode of season one and the ninth episode overall.


A griffin lays an egg on the top of the Empire State building, and it's up to Jake to protect it. But the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl are after it too.


Jake, Trixie, and Spud are assigned to take care of an egg, nicknamed "Smiley" by Spud, for their Home Economics class. Jake also learns that he has to take care of a Griffin egg. Since Griffins lay their eggs once every thousand years, their egg are frequently in danger of being taken. On top of the Empire State Building, where the Griffin had laid her egg, the Huntsman traps the griffin in a net and Huntsgirl steals her egg. Jake and Fu Dog chase after them and fight for the egg until Huntsgirl drops it where it lands on a bounce castle full of ball bins.

Jake searches for the egg and finds it, but is blasted out of the bounce castle by Huntsgirl's staff. Jake and Fu Dog hide in a kitchen of a restaurant and are chased out by the chef who needs the egg to make a omelette. The three run into a crazy Easter parade and Jake and Fu Dog jump on a float to outrun the Chef. Fu Dog is pushed against Jake during his fight with one of the costumed bunnies, making Jake lose grip of the egg.

The two chase the egg down the steps leading to the Central Park Egg Hunt. The two are chased away again after Jake steals the Griffin egg from a girl. Jake then crashes into a factory and falls into a vat full of peanut butter. The Huntsman has caught up with them and took the egg from them, but a swift kick from Jake causes the Huntsman to let go of the egg. They chase the egg down the conveyor belt until it became wrapped in foiled, dumped into other piles of eggs.

Fu Dog and Jake land on the piles of eggs too when they go under the conveyor belt. Fu Dog reaches and pushes a button on the Huntsman's hoverboard that sents Huntsman and Huntsgirl flying out of the factory. Jake and Fu Dog has to lick the peanut butter off every egg in the factory in order to find the Griffin egg. They find it after licking 8,303 eggs and fly to the State Empire Building, but have gain weight from eating too much peanut butter. They are attacked again by the Huntsclan. As Spud and Trixie leave Lomardo's Pizza, the Griffin egg lands on Smiley, knocking it off Spud's backpack and causes Smiley to splatter.

Believing the egg to be scrambled, the Huntsman and Huntsgirl left. Fu Dog realizes that it isn't the Griffin egg on the ground which meant Trixie and Spud had the egg. He goes to retrieve the egg from Spud and Trixie. Jake and Fu Dog return the egg back to its mother and it hatches. The Griffin baby is swallowed to live in its mother's stomach for a week and after that, the mother would throw up the baby out. Jake is grossed out by it. Jake and Fu Dog leave with Fu Dog telling bad puns.



  • When Huntsgirl and the Huntsman leave after the egg had been scrambled, Huntsgirl doesn't have her glove on.





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