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The Heist is the second segment of the eighth episode and the tenth episode overall.


Jake, Grandpa, Trixie, Spud, and Fu Dog must comically stumble through an elaborate heist to retrieve a Leprechaun's stolen gold from a millionaire dark wizard named Eli Pandarus.


The episode begins in a New Jersey mini golf. The viewer is then taken down to the ninth hole to reveal the leprechaun world right underneath it. The leprechauns are partying when they have their gold stolen by Eli Pandarus's ogre thugs. Leprechaun McBreen seeks the help from the American Dragon. Without their gold, the leprechauns are condemned to bad luck. Back at Grandpa's shop, they plan a heist on Pandarus Tower where Eli Pandarus was keeping the gold behind a vault.

Grandpa drives them to the tower while Fu Dog and Jake hide inside instrument cases. Trixie and Spud introduce themselves to Pandarus as musical actors and go back stage to leave Fu Dog and Jake to initiate the rest of the plan. Grandpa tapped into the security eyes and began giving instructions for Jake. Jake locates the trapdoor and flies him and Fu Dog down while Spud and Trixie create a distraction so that they could get to the kitchen. Jake and Fu Dog land in front of the vault but needed Pandarus' hand print. Luckily, Fu Dog's magical fur had it imprinted on him from when Pandarus petted him earlier. The safe is filled with pixie dust beams which Jake manages to get through swiftly, but the end of his tail triggers the alarm. Jake has to fight a Kumo and locks it inside the safe.

File:S1E8 - Team Dragon bump into Pandarus.png

Fu Dog and Jake make it to the kitchen where they planned to leave under the table that Trixie and Spud would roll out, but they end of bumping into Pandarus on the way out. The pot of gold rolls out in front of Pandarus and the group are cornered by Pandarus and his gang of ogres. Grandpa arrives with the van to save them. At the park, Jake reveals that he had switched the leprechaun gold inside the sax case which meant that Pandarus had the stew that Trixie and Spud made.


  • Trixie and Spud help Jake with his dragon duties for the first time.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The entire heist is an "Ocean-11" style heist.
  • Eli Pandarus was created after businessman Donald Trump.
    • Both are rich men living in New York City.
    • Both have red hair dues.
    • Pandarus Tower resembles the famous Trump Tower in New York.
    • Pandarus's alias as "Wizard of Wall Street" is a reference to the 40 Wall Street building that Donald Trump bought in 2003.
  • The quick still in the slide show that shows Leprechaun legs and feet stick out from under a rock is a reference to The Wicked Witch Of The East from The Land of Oz.
  • The glow that the leprechaun's pot of gold gives off is like the briefcase from Pulp Fiction.
  • Spud is wearing a 1950-style tuxedo.
  • Trixie and Spud walking in slow motion is alike to the Reservoir Dogs intro.



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