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The Legend of Dragon Tooth is the fifth episode of season one of American Dragon: Jake Long and the sixth episode overall.


Jake, Trixie, and Spud try to juggle the responsibility of watching Jake's little sister Haley with their plans to attend the 3rd Annual Hip-Hop Video Awards. Meanwhile, a treacherous dental villain tries to abduct Haley for her loose Dragon Tooth. 


Haley has her first loose tooth, causing excitement for the family and the Tooth Fairy, since it's a dragon tooth. The Tooth Fairy's assistant, Dr. Diente, has been biding his time and grabbed the Tooth Fairy and her wand, betraying her, and began searching for Haley. In school, Trixie and Spud invite Jake to Shaniqua's concert. At home, Lao Shi and Fu Dog put an ancient protection spell on the Long's family home to protect them from unwanted magical visitors.

Dr. Diente explained to the Tooth Fairy his frustration about how she ran her business and how he had created a secret army of her tooth collection to prepare for his plan. He planned to grab Haley's tooth because of its dragon specialities.

Meanwhile when Jake was getting ready for the concert, his mother reminded him of his promise to babysit Haley while she and his father went to watch "Catskills on Ice". As Susan and Johnathan leave, Dr. Diente had found out where Haley lived and sent his tooth army to attack, but they were destroyed due to Grandpa's protection spell. When Trixie and Spud arrived to Jake's house, Trixie offered to watch Haley for him. Jake went to the concert first with Trixie and Spud keeping watch. When Haley showed her tooth to them, Trixie and Spud began making attempts to make her tooth fall out. Their attempts are futile since Haley's tooth was a dragon tooth and instead cause destruction to the house. 

When Jake comes back, Haley was playing hockey since hockey players lose their tooth easier. Jake makes her go outside. Unknown to her, Diente sent a failed attack on her but his tooth minions were easily destroyed by the hockey puck. Trixie, Spud, and Jake began their 20 minute turns to watch over Haley.

When Shaniqua was about to go on stage, the trio took Haley along with them. Jake sensed the tooth minions nearby and stayed behind to fight them. Meanwhile the Tooth Fairy went to Fu Dog and Grandpa for aid and warned them about Dr. Diente's plan to go after the dragon's tooth. When Jake was fighting, Haley got taken by Dr. Diente and only after the fight, did Jake realized she was taken.

Realizing that her ex-assistant went back to her lair, the Tooth Fairy guided Grandpa, Jake, and Fu Dog there to stop Dr. Diente from planting Haley's dragon tooth, which would unleash spiritual evil throughout the land. They are easily overpowered by Dr. Diente's minions. Jake was sent hurtling toward Haley, causing her tooth to fall out directly to Diente's hand. Jake managed to retrieve the Tooth Fairy's wand and give it back to the Tooth Fairy, allowing her to free herself and Grandpa. But what Dr. Diente really needed was Haley's tooth.

Using Haley's tooth, Diente transformed himself into a monster made out of teeth and went out to gather the other money that the Tooth Fairy had distributed to children, taking Haley with him. Jake flew after him to rescue Haley. When wrapping Diente with a cable, and accidentally wrapping himself as well, Haley through guidance from Jake, helped Jake escape using her dragon teeth.

Using a TV-sized billboard, Jake electrofied Diente and saved her from falling. They managed to get home in time with Haley taking blame for the damage but their parents easily get distracted by the loss of her first tooth. Later, Jake went to Haley's room to give her back her tooth. Haley thanked him for saving her and apologized for causing him to miss Shaniqua's concert. Jake believed he didn't miss anything, but in the end, it's revealed that Trixie and Spud managed to get a ride with Shaniqua herself in her limo. 


  • We find out that Jake has had four cavities.
  • This episode debuts Shaniqua Chulavista.
  • Jaren MacArthur makes a cameo in this episode on TV.
  • The Tooth Fairy's lair resembles the inside of a mouth. Even her tiara are teeth.
  • This is the first episode to center around Haley and that focuses on hers and Jake's brother-sister relationship.
  • The phrase the Tooth Fairy uses to work her wand is Abracadental (magic teeth).
  • Dr. Diente is the first villain, so far, to die. Jake knocks the giant TV on his tooth monster form electrocuting Dr. Diente. All that was left of him was his glasses.
  • This is the first time we see a glimpse of Haley's dragon form. In the "Old School Training" we saw her claws and her face, but this time we see her actual dragon head and her wings.
  • Jake and his mother mention a neighbor named "Esteban" who is old and feeds pigeons.
  • Trixie mentions having a cousin named Lawanda. According to her, "Lawanda plays volleyball with the guy who brings bagels to the woman who runs the sound check" for the Hip Hop Video Awards.


  • Trixie knocks over a lamp when trying to put out the fire from Spud's hat. The next time the two are babysitting, you can see that the lamp is in perfect condition.
  • When Haley is outside the house, she is wearing her hockey uniform yet when Spud carries Haley inside the house, she is no longer wearing it.
  • Haley says Jake is wearing lady's underwear yet Jake is clearly wearing a lady's night gown.


  • Ms. Tooth Fairy's outfit is a reference to Glenda's, the Good Witch of the South, from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in the 1939 film.
  • Mr. Diente's name means "tooth" in Spanish.
  • Shaniqua Chulavista's name is a spoof on Shakira while her appearance is a play on Beyonce.
  • Dr. Diente holding Haley in his fist while he's destroying the city is a reference to King Kong.

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