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The Long Weekend is the tenth episode of season one and the twelfth episode overall.


Johnathan Long takes Jake, Trixie, and Spud on a camping trip to New Jersey. While on the trip, Jake is told that he has to protect a village of sprites inhabiting the nearby campsite as they are in grave danger by the ferocious Jersey Devil. Meanwhile, Mrs. Long and Haley's relaxing mother-daughter bonding time has gone awry.


In the New Jersey woods, precisely at 10:13 P.M., two sprites are trying to find their way back to their village when they hear a roar. They hide behind a bush but are found and attacked. Jake is packing for the camping trip he and his friends are going to along with his father, Johnathan, while his mother, Susan, and Haley plan to go to a spa. Jake hopes that his father won't embarrass him but unfortunately, his dad brings his old cougar scout uniform that frequently ricochets his badges.

His father has been known for embarrassing Jake in public, though most were accidents. Johnathan begins to sing a traditional children's song and Trixie and Spud join him, embarrassing Jake further. Susan and Haley board the wrong bus to a Spartan Boot Camp instead of the spa. At the camp, Johnathan tries to set up the tents but fails and gets flung away, so Jake ends up making the tents and the camp fire for him.

Time passed and it is night. As Johnathan goes to sleep, a wood guide sprite approaches them but gets swatted by Johnathan who mistakes it for a mosquito. After he leaves, the wood sprite asks for Jake's help and guides him and his friends to the Sprite Village of Avon. The sprite elders tell the legend of the New Jersey devil. For seven consecutive nights, he will attack the village but a great hero, who is the American Dragon, will fight him and protect the village. The Jersey Devil attacks them that night.

The Jersey devil and the American Dragon fight, with it being scared away. The sun rises and instead of getting sleep, Jake and his friends are expected to join Johnathan in the events he planned for the day. At the Spartan Boot camp, Haley tries to convince the drill sergeant that she and her mother are in the wrong bus but is not listened to.

Instead of hanging out with his father, Jake goes back to the village while Trixie and Spud spend time with Johnathan. Instead of sleeping like he hoped to, Jake instead begins to create traps to capture the New Jersey devil while Trixie, Spud, and his dad catch trout, help birth a deer, and watch the sunset. Johnathan feels like Jake is avoiding him so Trixie and Spud offers to go find Jake and bring him back for dinner.

Susan and Haley raid the camp's kitchen to find food, but the opening the fridge triggered an alarm. The drill sergeant chases them from the kitchen. Trixie and Spud lecture Jake about his father. Just when Jake decides to go back, the new Jersey Devil came to attack. After the devil knocked Jake against a tree, he left toward the Sprite Village. But between the Sprite Village was the campsite, where Jake's dad was.

They reach the campsite to find it destroyed, with a torn piece of Johnathan's scout uniform found near the camp's fire. Susan and Haley, meanwhile, are hiding behind a bush planning to jump the fence of the camp. Haley uses her dragon wings to fly her and her mother out of the camp. Jake arrives the Sprite Village and fights with the Jersey devil until Jake falls for one of his own set up traps. After much fighting, Jake rolls down to the edge of the cliff and is about to fall out. Johnathan charges into the scene to protect Jake. Using bear spray and then trapping the Jersey devil with a net, Johnathan flings his horn at the Jersey Devil making him lose his balance. The Jersey Devil plummets into the bottom, which was thousands feet below. Johnathan reaches to save his son.

Johnathan explained that after the Jersey Devil, who had mistaken for a bear, attacked the campsite he went to survival mode and searched for the kids. Johnathan and the kids go back to the campsite singing. The wooden sprite invite Jake back to the village to show him the statue of their hero, which was Johnathan. Jake, Spud, Trixie, and Johnathan return back home the same time Susan and Haley do. Susan and Haley attack Spud when they see that he has smores.


  • The song Johnathan sings during the car trip is the traditional children song "John Jacob Jingeheimer Schmidt" song. Even more so, John is the shorten name for Johnathan and Jacob is Jake's first name.
  • A running gag in this episode is Trixie frequently asking for the bathroom.
  • Trixie mentions that she had not seen her father since his Air Force unit got shipped overseas.


  • This episode was originally going to be titled "The Camping Trip."

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Spud's line of "And how to prevent forest fires... oh wait, that was that talking bear" is a reference to Smokey the Bear.
  • When Jake transforms by doing a somersault, it looked the same way the rangers did in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder.



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