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The Talented Mr. Long is the sixth episode of season one and the seventh episode overall.


When an ancient magical chalice containing a powerful evil is being used as a trophy at his school's talent show, Jake must compete against Spud the Magnificent and risk losing their friendship.


The episode begins with the tale of Taranushi's Chalice. It is a chalice that both magical and non-magical creatures have fought for possession for thousands of centuries. The chalice is lost one day when it is stamped as a "First Prize" trophy in a factory before being boxed up. The chalice ends up in Jake's school where Principle Derceto would be giving out the chalice/trophy as the first place prize for the school's talent show. Spud is confident he'll win it this year. As they leave, Professor Rotwood comes out from the shadows and opens a book with a picture of the chalice, excited to have found it.

At the school hallway, Spud gets his cape and top hat from his locker. Trixie and Jake believe that him joining the talent show isn't a good idea due to past failures. However Spud wants to join so that he could win the trophy for his grandfather who was a magician. Jake, realizing Spud wants to win, decides to help him as his apprentice along with Trixie. At night, Mr. Rotwood attempts to steal the trophy only to get caught by the police. Mr. Rotwood blindly grabs the trophy and runs away from them. He stops at the water fountain to fill the chalice with water to release the creature, but since it's the wrong trophy, nothing occurs. Mr. Rotwood splashes the police man with the water and escapes. 

The next day, as Spud is practicing a card trick, Jake uses his ear of the dragon to overhear a conversation between Principle Derceto and the policemen. In class, Rotwood has trouble staying awake. When class is dismissed, Spud practices the tablecloth removal trick on Rotwood's desk and messes it up. Gathering the books, Jake absently opens the book to find the page with the trophy. He later brings the book to Grandpa. Grandpa explains that the chalice has an evil Djinn imprisoned within it and is released when it is overfilled with water. Unfortunately, the incantation to recapture the creature has been lost. Jake realizes it was Professor Rotwood who tried to steal it.

Jake sneaks into Principal Derceto office to get the chalice but is interrupted when Principal Derceto and Mr. Rotwood come inside forcing Jake to hide on top of the ceiling. With the chalice's location unknown and locked up, Grandpa realizes that Jake must enter the talent show to win it. Jake is disappointed since he doesn't want to compete against Spud. Meanwhile, Rotwood offers extra credit to Brad. Believing Brad to be a piano prodigy, Rotwood signs him up to the talent show. 

Jake tells Spud and Trixie that he is entering the talent show too, causing Spud and Trixie to think he's betraying Spud. For his performance, Jake uses Fu Dog as a ventriloquist dummy. It turns out that Brad is not the good pianoist, making Rotwood angry.

At his Grandpa's shop, Trixie confronts Jake about him joining the talent show. Later that day, the talent show has started. Brad had tampered with the other student's performances, ruining their show. Brad then tricks Jake into going upstair, throws Fu Dog into the toilet, and locks them in the bathroom. After getting Fu out of the toilet, Jake transforms into a dragon but ends up knocking the toilet of its base with his tail. Jake gets knocked out and the toilet begins to leak through the floor, water dripping into the chalice.

Waking up, Jake immediately goes to the judges table just in time to see that the chalice overflowing with water. Jake panics and kicks the chalice where it lands on Spud's hat. Spud begins his magic trick and pulls out the djinn from his top hat. The djinn begins attacking the school but the others think it's part of the act. Jake dragons up to fight the Djinn but is knocked out. As Djinn is about to attack Spud, Spud says his grandfather's magic words which proves to be the incantation to lock the Djinn up. Jake redraws himself from the competition, allowing Spud to win the talent show.

Spud goes to thank Jake and gives him the trophy knowing he dropped out because of him. After explaining the events of the talent show to Grandpa, Jake and Fu Dog find out they accidentally left the Chalice on the subway. The episode ends with a big woman leaving the subway, the chalice stuck between her butt cheeks.


  • Grandpa reveals that Fu Dog is 600 years old.
  • This episode debuts Principle Derceto.
  • The viewer learns a lot about Brad in this episode:
    • Brad is a quarterback on the school's football team.
    • He has taken piano lessons for 12 years but is no good at it.
    • His last name is Morton.
    • He once dated a girl who was a Hog farmer.
  • This is the first episode where Jake and Brad form their rivalry.
  • The incantation Abigo ere egi actum! are all Latin verbs that mean "to drive away; expel."


  • In the flashback Spud seemed to be the same age he is now, even though he was supposed to be younger.
  • When Spud is doing the old tablecloth trick, the cup on the table was originally white. But after Trixie picks it up, it's gold/yellow.
  • As Principal Derceto enters her office with Professor Rotwood, her name is misspelled "Decerto" on the door.
  • In one scene the earrings Trixie was wearing on stage were gone and they were back in the next scene.
  • Spud is wearing white glove on both hands but when he tries to hand Jake his own dress, he's wearing his black glove again.


  • Principal Derceto is the first handicapped principal to have ever appeared in an animated cartoons.
  • This is the first time Jake becomes a dragon in front of an audience that believes it's part of the act. This is shown again in "Year of the Jake".

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • This episode's title is a parody of the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley.
  • Fu Dog's line "Dead men sell no sails!" is a parody of the famous line from Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean, "Dead men tell no tales."

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